My Life, loves & appreciation {what I learned this week}

If there is anything that can stop you from embracing who you truly are, the deepest regret we could all admit is not knowing it, but being it. Being You. All that you are.

I’ve been faced with the same conversation this week day & night with tired souls who I don’t see often enough but cherish in this lifetime and the next. I share the same passions and hold the same strength with them.

You may have come to known it for a long enough time, that the realization of ‘if what could be’ only lingers more deeply and then so much more defined in yourself, trying it’s best to stand strong on its own. We believe and sometimes seal this, trying to see through our strength, but only standing on our weakness. How much longer does that hold true to who we are?

Everything we’re trying to find in this life, starts from who we are. All we need to achieve in this life, is who we are. If you have that, believe you have everything. Do any less of that, with all we have today, and the truth to the matter becomes our own fictional reality.

What makes you wiser will become your biggest strength.What tugs at your heart will only make it stronger. Which ever comes first will be your biggest saviour. In between it all, knowing your journey will offer you everything and reward you the greatest adventure you are deserving of today.

Too many people spending time wishing who they could be if the only had more of something that only few think they ever need.

Be your own you.